I keep telling myself that when I graduation comes in May, it’s going to be easy.

I am going to be so completely ready to say


see ya later


to the place I will have called home for four years.

I am ready to move on, I think. I believe that I’ve seen all there is to see. I don’t feel that connection that I keep waiting every place I go to to give me.

That feeling that says this, this will be your home.

But then I hop on my bike and ride getting lost in the city’s streets.

No destination.

No plan.

Just pedaling.

And I am reminded of just how much I love it here.

How much I have grown and changed.

How many times I have gotten lost in these streets.

How much I love the wrap-around porches, the how y’all doin’s, the warm summer nights.

And I realize how hard it really is going to be to say goodbye.







It’s a Fact


I am completely absurd. I’ve had probably at least half a dozen blogs on various hosts. I’ve decided that I’m going to write about food, about travel, short stories, poems, nothing. And here I am. I can’t decide. 

All I know is that I want to say something regardless of the fact that at 21 years old, I know nothing

Right now I’m supposed to be working on my Environment and Africa paper, but I am itching to write something else. In Istanbul last fall, I felt so free to write every thought, every emotion, every challenge I had. I did it almost every single day. I went from writing in a style that said, “Don’t worry. You don’t have to take me seriously. I sure as hell don’t,” to the most raw and emotional writing I’ve ever done. And back again. From safety to 100% exposure. But I’ve made this again. I’ve transfered all my old food posts here. I’ve started rabbling. 

Here we go.


Da Roo


Last weekend, I went to Bonnaroo. While I had planned on capturing every delicious festival food bite, I foolishly chose to rely on my iPhone which died within one day so I didn’t get much. I may or may not have drained the battery with shameless attempts to Instagram as soon as I got there. #hipsterproblemz

However, despite my lack of evidence, Solar Cafe’s hippie booth had grade-A coffee and their vegan french toast was a perfect Saturday 21st birthday breakfast.

My friend did manage to snap this of my celebratory Blue Moon that I made sure to wait til after noon on my birthday to purchase. Still I got a “Wow, you just did it,” from the 21 and up wristband man.

As part of finding my own definition of a balanced lifestyle (more on that in another post), 3 grown up beverages over the course of 6 hours for one day of the festival was right up my alley in terms of “wild” 21st birthday celebrations.

With my mind and body fully intact thanks to my double fisting beer and H2O, I was able to catch tons of performances from Radiohead to Feist to The Kooks to Alabama Shakes.

fun.’s performance, however, was my favorite.


Hello again


Hello world.

It has been a while.

Over a month.

I’ve missed you.

Life has been

filled with farming

with caffeine,

with a trip home,

and, as you may have noticed by this pictures, plenty of shameless Instagraming.

But I am back.



I know…I have been crazy busy and been gone from the blogworld far too much, but I watched this video today and found it interesting and far more inspiring than any thinspo blog.


Global Growers


Hello, world. It has been a while. I have missed you.

To explain my absence…life. It has been a hectic few weeks filled with assignments, coffee-making, and the ups and downs of college.

But today, I went and volunteered at a Global Growers site called Bamboo Creek.


A few hours of digging and digging and finally wandering the bamboo forest happened. 


I didn’t have time for this volunteer project. Papers and projects needed to be done. Groceries needed to be bought. Facebook needed to be lurked. 


And that is just why I needed this quiet morning doing little more than sticking a shovel in dirt over and over. 


It was perfectly simple.



The work will get done. The petty problems will fade away to the back of my mind. 


But this morning in the sunshine is going to stick around in my head for some time.