Here I am!


Alright world, here’s my first answer to the question I’ve been getting…so WHAT do you eat? I won’t cover everything I eat everyday, but since this is my first post, here’s a look into my life as a college vegan.

I’m at home right now having the longest summer ever before I head off for my semester abroad in Istanbul and that means LOTS of time to mess around in the kitchen.

When I woke up, I made a green smoothie inspired by this awesome chick to take along with me for after my run. 

1 banana, 2 fistfulls of spinach, 2 massive medjool dates, a splash of soymilk and about a tablespoon each of raw cacao & almond butter got friendly in my Magic Bullet aka the college student’s best friend. Yes, the infomercial is super goofy, but it truly is magical to have this baby around.

I know it’s not the most attractive thing ever, but having this bad boy waiting in the car for me after a quick 4 miler and some strength work was perfection.

It may have been in the 100s when I left ATL a few weeks ago, but here in SF, it is COLD. I think I’ve become a true Southerner now that 60 degree weather in summer weirds me out. Hot tea was necessary.

Snack time = Larabar time! Apparently the Cinnamon Roll flavor is being discontinued so here’s one of the few left.

I know it’s only August, but one of the few downsides of being abroad in the fall is going be missing all those fall flavors! My favorite season is always the one approaching & right now, I am lovin’ me some pumpkin. And, of course, hummus is always a win in my book. The two combined = lunch!

During my month at home, I’m encouraging the family to get more into plant-based eating so for dinner, I decided to pull out a recipe from here:

Even my 17-year-old, meat-loving brother liked the Polenta Casserole with Seitan so you know this book is a winning find!

I must say mine didn’t look as pretty as Alicia’s but I’m learning!

If you’re thinking, “What the heck is seitan?!”, here ya go:

And now to go reward myself with what I just got in the mail! 🙂


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