You are my sunshine


After nearly 3 weeks back home, I had my first sunny morning run in Golden Gate Park! Sometimes, I do love our foggy bubble, but having some light surrounding Kezar stadium for once was pretty nice.

As soon as I finished and did some strengthenin’ and stretchin’, I hustled back to the car and gulped down this & my apple:

Yup, that’s my Star Wars-themed student council sweatshirt from high school. We were SO cool. I have a confession to make though…I’ve only seen about 10 minutes combined out of all the Star Wars movies. I just can’t make it through. It’s the same with Lord of the Rings. I’ve tried, really I have, but I just can’t get into them. Is anyone else like me? Or am I the only one not nerdy (or cool) enough?

Anyways, I normally like to make my own smoothies & shakes, but these Calnaturale drinks are a fun way to change it up once in a while. And the stats aren’t bad! No sketchy ingredients or funky aftertaste. WIN. Thanks, Calnaturale, I WILL enjoy myself!

I had to hustle back home & shower because the real excitement today was coming at lunchtime! I was taking my friend Tracy to Cafe Gratitude for the first time!

I had the “I am Fulfilled” salad with sesame-ginger dressing:

So much crunchy, green yum! Perfect for a warm SF day!

She had the “I am Warm-Hearted” polenta dish.

I love the “I am…” names for every dish here. I feel happy just ordering!

They were sadly out of kombucha though. 😦

We made up for it later though with a stop at Bristol Farms on our shopping trip:

I’d never tried Kevita before and, while it was pretty good, I must say I am still more partial to the Synergy brand. This tasted more fruity and juicy than I’m used too. (Also note that new Karma Organics nail polish on my thumb. ;))

Later snackage involved some Jocalat. Noms. I need to try making my own again…my last batch was ok, but still doesn’t quite compare. Not to mention they looked more like awkward blobs than bars.

Dinner was really simple:

veggie burger + hummus + mixed greens + Alvarado Street sprouted whole wheat bread

And to top off celebrating a warm day – lemony, iced Yerba Mate!


2 Responses to “You are my sunshine”

  1. 1 Sue

    okay creeper Sue here. but seriously, you have no idea how much I love that you’re writing a blog and talking about food. i love food blogs. ANYWAY, just wanted to let you know that i found some awesome vegan veggie burgers at Trader Joe’s that made me think of you. they’re called dr. praeger’s california burgers, and they’re the best frozen veg burger i’ve tried. you should try them if you ever see them. they even have edamame in them. soooooolid!

    • 2 cassandrantonia

      Omg I love you! My first commenter! 🙂 I’ve seen those burgers! I need to get them!! Sounds nomalicious. Too bad I saw the email on this comment right after getting back from TJ’s…Next time!

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