A Crazy Sexy Kinda Day


So you know I love Kris Carr. After lurking her site quite a bit, I finally bought and quickly read her book, Crazy Sexy Diet. I’m not sure any future diet will ever be able to top that name. Doesn’t it just make you want to get up and do something awesome?! It’s full of positive energy, humor and pure amazingness. I’ve been trying to incorporate as much of it into my daily life because as I was reading, it all Just. Made. Sense. Something about it really resonated with me and the stories shared in it are so powerful.

Anyways, today is an especially crazy sexy day because I’ve been incorporating one of her tips, weekly liquid fasting. This may or may not be something that I choose to continue to do in the coming weeks but it’s been pretty good for the past 2. This blog is all about trying new things out and seeing how they work for my body and lifestyle. And I must say, a day of juice and smoothies is a heck of a lot more appealing than an evening spent throwing back swings of whatever sketchy junk I’ve managed to get my hands on that night. One gives my tummy a break and leaves me feeling refreshed and energized and the other…well, I think we all know what the other makes us all feel like. Gross.

Before you start thinking that this means my stomach is growling for a whole day and that it sucks, it hasn’t been like that at all. I make smoothies instead of juice mostly because they are more filling and much faster to make. Today’s mixes contained varying levels of spinach, berries, bananas and Greens Plus.

You better believe this baby is coming in my suitcase to Istanbul.

As you can see, the ratios kinda varied with each smoothie and made a few pretty colors! Ok, maybe only the last one is actually attractive.

I also tried two different superfood flavors.

Both were pretty good, but I must say, Amazon Chocolate wins. (As if there was ever really any competition.)

Since I’m home, I had to take the chance to grab a Jamba. When are we going to get these down South?! Then again, I probably could easily recreate this smoothie that ended up setting me back about $5 so maybe it’s a good thing I don’t always have the temptation to be lazy nearby. Still, the Apple ‘n Greens from the new Fruit and Veggie line was delicious. Apple-strawberry juice, carrots, spinach, bell pepper, kale, spurilina, lettuce, peaches, mangos AND bananas!

Some Zico and Mighty Leaf also hydrated me though the day. Along with good ol’ H2O. (obvi)

The Zico was especially lovely after sweating my butt of in Bikram Yoga this morning. I’ve never been very flexible…After 9 years of ballet, I still was that awkward person in the back struggling to get my legs as high as everyone else’s. But I was on fire today! 🙂 Hopefully all this yoga & minimalist shoe running will keep me healthy for my upcoming marathon! (more on that soon)

What are your fave smoothie combos?


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