Run run run


Post 8-miler, I had the usual.

kale + banana + soymilk + blueberries + almond butter + cacao powder

For the first time in months, I actually timed myself on my run. Hello slowest miles I’ve run in like 6 years. Oh. Mah. Gah. Yikes. I haven’t really been running with time goals in mind since I stopped team running to take care of my bad hips and food stuff, but I miss running fast and I feel like I’m in a good place right now were I can go for it again. I almost had a heart attack seeing my pace, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Now, at least I know what I’m working with. & the hips have been feeling pretty good so that’s a plus, right? Right.

Speaking of running – race day in 51 days. Because, even though I haven’t been running fast, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE the sport and because I am slightly insane, when I realized there was going to be a marathon in Istanbul while I’m there, I of course had to register. My goal isn’t to run this fast (though I hope to run a fast one I’ve hardcore trained for in the future!) but to cross the finish line healthy and experience running from Asia to Europe. (How cool is that!?) You better believe I will be rocking my NMA t-shirt during it. 😉 I’m looking forward to a 100% just for fun race. No time to aim for, no points to score, just pure enjoyment of the experience.

I’m also fundraising for the race & any donations would be much appreciated 🙂

Lunch wasn’t quite as attractive as it was last night, but whatever, it was still tasty. Mmmm leftovers.

Feeling mighty with my tea!

Later, an awkwardly crunchy nectarine. I’m way too impatient to let it ripen.

Long-a$$ time in the doctor’s office waiting room = Larabar.

After more family bonding at the DeYoung museum’s Picasso exhibit – so cool by the way! I’ve had a mild obsession with Picasso since I went to Spain before senior year of high school so this made my day. I couldn’t take my eyes off Jacqueline with Crossed Hands. A random one to favor, I know, but I love it.

Then it was another night out! I swear I make my own food more when I’m at school, but when you’re only home to an amazingly veg-friendly city about every 8 months, you’ve gotta indulge, right? Herbivore the Earthly Grill it was.

My lasagna and salad:

So good! & unlike with the meaty, cheese-fest I so loved back in the day, I don’t feel like I’m going to need to pass out for the next 15 hours to digest it! Success!

The broski’s avocado sandwich with potato salad & green salad:

Dad’s penne with lemon-herb cream sauce.

Mom’s Indonesian noodle salad + a side of corn on the cob.

Yums! 🙂

Anyone have any vegan recommendations for Istanbul? 2 more weeks!!!





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  1. i’m glad to read that your hips are good. it’s important that you keep them that way 🙂

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