Pre-long run shots shots shots shots:

Yes, I was up at 6am on a Sunday slurping down a chocolate Clif Shot before a 90 minute run. I have no idea why I felt the need to get THAT early of a start to the day…insanity? Golden Gate Park barely had anyone there & it was super foggy. Majorly creepy. But also kinda peaceful.

Smoothies & shakes are by far the best post-run fuel ever. In a glass, in a bowl, in a carton; it’s all good with me. Kale + blueberries + banana + cacao powder + almond butter + H20 + granola on top

Hot tea is a daily necessity…SF is SO COLD and FOGGY. I miss ATL sunshine.

Cooked up some kale and butternut squash & then smothered it in hummus and extra tahini.

Yummmm…This will be repeated.

Along with some lemony goodness:

A new discovery at Whole Foods!

Runner’s food indeed. 🙂

Dinnah from my mama – whole wheat pasta + tomato sauce

After dinner, I got my mom and dad to watch The Last Heart Attack with me on CNN. I think I outdid myself with vegan nerdiness tonight. It was so awesome to see veganism being supported on mainstream media.

Did anyone else catch it? What’d you think?


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