15 Days


Until I’m in Istanbul, that is. Holy moley. Where has the time gone? My super long summer is finally coming to a close and I’m off on 3+ months of adventure! Trying to decide what to pack has been tricky…do I shove a couple 2 lb. bags of green protein powder into my suitcase or do I fly off with absolutely nothing and hope for the best? At this point, I’ve decided to compromise; I don’t want to ruin the abroad experience by just eating exactly what I do at home, but I also don’t want to be stuck in urgent situations without suitable snackies. So things like this,

will be staying at home. (Note the Lonely Planet Turkey book underneath ;)) But I’ll be taking along some portables like these just in case and especially for the plane rides and long runs (especially my marathon!!!)

Fair enough, right? Besides, lookie at what I found on happycow.net. Score! Tons o’ veg-friendly restaurants and health food stores! And, of course, Turkey is all about the dried fruit, nuts and hummmmmus.

Oh and have I mentioned I bought this for my long training runs and the race?

I’m kinda sorta maybe the biggest running dork ever. But I WILL be hydrated and well-fueled so there!

Andandand, my box from Pure Citizen arrived today! They had a sale on Beauty without Cruelty products a few weeks ago so naturally, I had to get some!

Hopefully, I get ballsy (or whatever the female equivalent of that is) enough abroad to rock that cruelty-free lip shade.

On to today’s eats!

Short run + major swollin’ Jillian Michaels 3-2-1 style and then the last of my Calnaturale drinks:

I’m going to miss getting complimented by these over the next few months. & yes, I do have an obsession with hipstery iPhone photo apps. Don’t hate.

Early lunchy munchies:

It doesn’t get simpler than an apple and some whole grain bread with almond buttahhh covered in cinnamon, but when you’re good, you’re GOOD.

Yogi, you make me so happy.

And after driving the madre and grandma (though we just call her Ma :)) to Tarjay for some shoppin’, time to refuel:

Typical. If you left me on a deserted island with some of these and a giant tub of hummus, I think I’d be totally fine.

Lazy bum dinner aka trying to finish up my vegan eats before leaving:

Mmmhmm you guessed it.

Typical vegan blogger dessert. Dates filled with crunchy peanut butter. Like candy only, you know, not.

& if you missed The Last Heart Attack last night, here’s the link!

Peace out, world! Off to browse my latest books 🙂


4 Responses to “15 Days”

  1. 1 Sue

    i also ordered the peas and thank you cookbook! i love that blog the food always looks so good.

    • 2 cassandrantonia

      & their family is so cute!! When I’m back second semester, let’s have Peas and Thank You cooking parties. 🙂

  2. you can totally rock that lipstick girl!

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