Double Dose


Hello, dear readers!

Yesterday, I took a trip to Berkeley with my friend Carina (who I’ve known for 15 years!) & then decided to stay at her house reminiscing about the good old days of our youth. So, I had a little blog break, but I’m back now!

Yesterday’s post-run breakie was pretty standard – a smoothie in a bowl with ch-ch-ch-chia seeds that I keep in the fridge soaking in H2O, raspberries, blueberries, banana, kale, almond butter and cacao powder topped with Galaxy Granola.

For lunch, we roamed the UC Berkeley area and stumbled upon Maoz. Hummus, veggies, falafel AND fresh-squeezed juice?! My dream meal. In a pita or in a bowl, so good.

Such a win.

Later, her awesome mom made us some unphotographed pasta with marinara sauce and salad for dinner. 🙂

This morning when we woke up, I had some undocumented whole wheat toast with Smart Balance and OJ. Lesson learned: Smart Balance isn’t actually vegan like Earth Balance – what I usually buy – is. And I realized afterwards that my bread had a touch of honey in it. Whoops. There was a time that I would have freaked out about something like this and felt like I “cheated” or worse, turned down an invitation because I was worried about having the exact food I wanted. Wednesday is usually a liquid smoothie/juice day for me too. But I’ve learned that flexibility is crucial in life and that being vegan isn’t about being perfect. When I’m in the grocery store or at or restaurant, do I meticulously look at labels and check for trace amounts of anything animal? Yes, because I tend to go all out when I do something. (Which isn’t always a great trait, but, other times, it’s awesome.) But I also realize that being crazy obsessive won’t get me or veganism anywhere. And, especially when people are being wonderful and accommodating to my lifestyle, I’m not going to freak out and demand that I see the packaging of everything they offer me to see if there are trace amounts of animal ingredients if I’m uncertain or demand that my food be prepared without any chance of touching anything animal. My health or morals won’t be affected by 0.01% animal products in my diet and it’s not like the vegan police are going to come arrest me. So, no big deal, now I know which brand to avoid and Thursday can be smoothie day instead. Done and done.

Anywho, we later packed a lovely little picnic of sandwiches, carrots, an apple and some seaweed crackers and ate al fresco at a cute little monastery. Aren’t we precious?

I normally prefer to work out in the mornings because that’s what feels best with my stomach, but no way was I turning down a spontaneous slumber party with my childhood best friend because I was worried about getting to 7 am yoga on the other side of the Bay! I mean really, looking through old pictures of us since kindergarten, listening to 90s music and watching Passport to Paris (oh yes we did) – who could say no to that?! So again, flexibility was key and I came home, had some snackies and gave myself plenty of time to digest before heading off to an evening Bikram class. Win win win all around.


Post-yoga, I’m usually not starving but this session was particularly intense & I got home HANGRY. So, toast with hummus & some trail mix (plus some extra unphotographed handfuls of trail mix more) was in order.

Much bettahhh.

How was everyone’s day? 🙂


6 Responses to “Double Dose”

  1. hey there! i just found yer new, vegan-tastic blawg over here and i’m enjoying it. i might just get inspired to try some of the most unusual combos you’ve showcased here. (raw kale for breakfast is not something i’ve tried before, haha)
    keep it up, and i can’t wait to hear about your travels in turkey!

    • 2 cassandrantonia

      When I’m back in ATL, I will make you lots of crazy kale and other funky monkey combos. 🙂 Turkey in just over a week! AHHH!

  2. 3 Sue

    i love this, you talk about all of the products i’ve been reading about on everyone else’s blogs for years! are you going to start making oatmeal in a jar next? because i’ve totally started doing that every morning. except i guess you don’t eat yogurt….ANYWAY. cass i love you!

    • 4 cassandrantonia

      My #1 reader! I LOVE YOU! 🙂 You know me too well…I put some overnight oats in a jar in the fridge this afternoon to work their magic for the a.m. I’ve never made them in a jar before – usually I throw them in a bowl with some water & non-dairy milk and whatever fixin’s I feel like but there was a wee bit of almond butter left in the jar so tomorrow is the day!

  3. Aww Berkeley Maoz! Whenever I felt the need to eat like 3 lbs of broccoli, I would stop in there. And then douse it all w ketchup! You should have gone next door to the ice cream sandwich shop- they have a vegan option!

    • 6 cassandrantonia

      No way!! How did I miss that?!?! Guess I just have to go back… 😉

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