More Life Lessons


So today I decided to make up my smoothie/juice day that I missed yesterday. I made two concoctions in the a.m. and early afternoon,

One with blueberries, kale, banana, chia seeds and H2O

And a second with grapefruit, an apple and some of Trader Joe’s Southern Greens mix (turnip greens, collard greens, mustard greens and spinach). I know, I WOULD by something called a Southern Greens mix. My little shout-out to ATL.

The past two weeks, the weekly smoothie/juice experiment felt awesome. No hungry tummy, plenty o’ energy and it felt like I’d gotten to hit a reset button on my body and give everything a little break. Today, however, my stomach was like, “I’d really like some solid food, yo!” For a second, I thought that I had to stick it out. I’d read about the benefits of this; my body was just being stupid. But then I reminded myself that through all my researching and talking to people about health, there are some things that are great for some people and suck majorly for others. And of course, there are some things that are just awful across the board. Some people love their weekly juice fasts, some do them monthly, some don’t at all. So today, for whatever reason, my body just wasn’t in the mood. Maybe it’s something I can reinstate once a month or between races or maybe it’s just not for me right now. Maybe because I ran today instead of yoga-ed like the past days I’ve done this, my needs were different and I really just needed some healthy fat and protein. Instead of ignoring my body’s signals (like I used to when I’d injured my hips and would complete training runs galloping awkwardly down the sidewalk because I felt I just HAD TO until teammates or even passing concerned strangers told me to STOP), I just gave it what it wanted with some afternoon snacking.

No guilt. No over-analyzing. No running calculations in my head. No feelings of failure.

The takeaway? Your body really does know what it needs and once you stop trying to force it to fit into some arbitrary ideal and really REALLY listen to it and not some crappy food advertising, things (e.g. energy levels, weight, mood) usually fall into place. Happy tummy. 🙂

Dinner took all of 5 minutes. Reheated some veggie/bean soup from a dry mix I got at Rainbow Grocery.

Not exactly attractive, I know. But a yummy, warm start to fall!

Plus a multi-grain tortilla. Kinda sad looking, I know.

I noticed something else today – maybe because I’m home and haven’t been wanting to buy too much random stuff before heading to Turkey, but I have a tendency to like a food and then eat it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Green monster smoothies are beyond delicious but perhaps my tummy is kind of bored no matter how great they taste and are for me. So I made a list of options to remind myself of what other fantastic things I can make beyond chucking stuff into my Magic Bullet. Hopefully you find them useful if you’re in a rut too! 🙂

– green monster smoothies
– overnight or hot oats (in a jar especially!)
– muffins/bread
– toast/English Muffins/bagels
– cereal with soy or nut milk

On-the-go lunches:
– salads: veggie, bean, pasta, noodle
– soup in a thermos
– wraps/sandwiches
– overnight oats – yes, I think oatmeal is great anytime of day

Sit-down dinners:
– soup
– salad
– the basic half plate of veggies, one quarter grain, one quarter protein
– something adventurous from one of the many cookbooks chillin’ in my room!

– fruit or veggies with some hummus or nut butter
– Larabars, Luna Bars, Clif Bars, Raw Revolution Bars etc.
– fresh juice
– tea
– kombucha
– coffee (my favorite treat)

Happy eating, lovelies!


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