I felt pretty bleh today. I think way too many frijoles and veggies yesterday if you catch my drift…awkward. I’ll spare you the lovely details of back and forth journeys to the little ladies’ room, but, hey, I write this blog to show that living healthfully as a college student is most definitely a possibility but also it takes some experimentation and making of mistakes to find what works with your body and what does not. And, sh*t happens. Sometimes for no clear reason. Today, my body was sending out lots of really great messages about what it does not appreciate. Thanks, stomach, I got it. Still, I have gotta say, it is NOTHING like when I’ve felt crappy in the past after some bad meat or something. The lasagna incident of 2000 still sticks out in my mind. All kinds of unfortunate. All over the place. At 2 a.m. I couldn’t even smell the stuff for years without gagging. Anyways, that’s probably TMI.

Because of this, today’s eats consisted of some mega boring grazing of grains and fruits because that’s what I gravitated towards. I was ironically pretty hungry between sprints down the hall…so, of course, I Googled all the things that bizarre combo could be a symptom of and started freaking myself out. Great. Hopefully, everything returns to normal tomorrow and my stomach is just being cranky and I don’t have any of the seriously scary stuff that came up. Why are the worst possible scenarios always the first things that come up when you search symptoms?

Anywho, I documented some of what went down the hatch, but it got pretty boresville and, let’s face it, bananas smeared with PB and stale sourdough bread aren’t exactly photogenic. Here’s what I did get though:

When I woke up at 4am with gurgles going on in there, I had the overnight oats I had prepped the night before with the intention of having them post-run. Into a nearly-empty almond butter jar had gone 1/4 cup of oats, 1/2 a cup of chia seeds already soaked and jelly-like in water, 1/2 a cup of water, 1/4 cup of blueberries, a drizzle of agave syrup and a dash of cinnamon. I shook  that baby like a polaroid picture and let it get happy in the fridge overnight.

And later, there was some of this and some of that…

(Inka is much better than the Corn Nuts of my youth, by the way. Had to try them after the hippie mentioned them!)


At least this came in the mail today…

I know, I’m a dork. 🙂 Get ready, Istanbul. Here I come!


4 Responses to “Meh”

  1. can i just say, im so glad you linked back to my post because i definitely laughed my ass off reading. you are hilarious and i love it. now, dont get me wrong, i totally dont mean to find humor in your…ummmm…situation. but its funny because i can relate (far too well). i had a lasagna “incident” in my pre-IBS-pre-lactose-intolerance-diagnosis days.
    now. whats the vegan istanbul passport??? im jealous.

    • 2 cassandrantonia

      OMG. You commenting just made my life. You’re the first vegan blogger I discovered when I first got into all this! I told my nutritionist about reading you when I first went vegan & she’s a major fan too!

      Anywho, the passport is from here: I’m leaving for study abroad in a week and without knowing a word of Turkish, I figured it’d be a life saver while traveling. It covers tons of languages. & even has really elementary school status pictures if all else fails. SO excited to be a mega vegan dweeb and use it all semester long. 🙂

  2. Good luck on your trip to Turkey! Am I the only one who find the irony in your Vegan passport to Turkey?

    I agree your story was humorous. I once had an experience with Beef Wellington smothered with sour cream. Lets just say it came back to me at 2 in the morning too….
    I haven’t touched sour cream since 😡

    Great stuff, I love reading through all of it!! 🙂

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