Rumblies in my tumblies


So I spent the last two days still feeling like c-r-a-p. Coconut water, kombucha and bread…what delectable delights. Boresville food. No running. No swollin’. Sh*t’s weak. Well, actually…nah, I’ll spare you further explanation.

Instead of making something yummy during these days, I have:

started watching That 70’s Show on Netflix

Yes, I am aware that I’m majorly behind in pop culture. Don’t try to talk to me about Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Modern Family or basically anything on TV made in the last 10 years. I’ll be getting into those sometime around my 30th birthday. I look forward to our chat then.

Listened to some Shakira

Usually my friends look through my iPod and go, “What the effff is all this hipster sh*t?!”, but we’re all entitled to our pop guilty pleasures. I hope to come back from my time in the Middle East as awesome as her. I already have the big curly hair and the Latinaness…though after two days of lying on the couch in agony, my hair looks something more like this,

Still, if I had a dollar for every time a creepy dude on MARTA told me he liked my big hurrr, I’d be a wealthy woman. For those of you who have missed out on Hotlanta’s public transportation, consider yourself lucky.

I need to start using this more:

Yeah, so this had nothing to do with food or health. I’ll get back to that…eventually. I see myself one day combining the careers of some of my idols and making a living sharing info about health and wellness and just blabbering about my weird life for your enjoyment. For my friends reading this, you know it’s true – awkward things happen to me so they don’t have to happen to you. You’re welcome. Get ready for the stories, kiddos. I’m sure I’ll manage to outdo myself in Istanbul. (9 days!)

I aspire to be somewhere between

Joel Stein

Michael Pollan


David Sedaris

And Kris Carr

Strange combo, I know. But what can I say? I’m just such a friggin’ maverick!

Hope y’all are having great long weekends and are managing to stay further away from the porcelain god than I am! TMI? Probably. Just keepin’ it real like I do.


6 Responses to “Rumblies in my tumblies”

  1. I love Joel Stein and David Sedaris! And I feel ya on the hair! Same happens to mine. 😉

  2. i definitely went through a that 70s show binge relatively recently. it’s fine. now, the internet means that pretty much anything is fair game for “pop culture” these days, if that makes any sense. (if it’s online, it’s technically current! does.. does that work? i’m going to pretend it does.) feel betta!

    • 4 cassandrantonia

      Thanks, girlfran. I’m glad someone else is still appreciating 70s teen angst!

  3. oh man, i need to get in on that… tv is soooo goooood…

  1. 1 American Idiot | She Don't Eat No Meat

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