Maybe it might be lo-oh oh oh-oh oh-ove


After this morning, I finally progressed beyond the B.R.A.T. diet and went on a very short, very slow but nevertheless, a run. WOO! Sweet victory.

After strolling the touristy parts of SF with the madre and padre, I of course wanted something nomalicious to bring my hangry self back into the world of real food. The Plant Cafe it was.

This veggie burger is THE BEST VEGGIE BURGER IN THE WORLD. I swear. I get it every single time. I love this restaurant completely based off this burger. I have no need to try anything else. Normally, I try to change it up when I repeat visit a place but I just can’t say no to this baby. It might be lo-oh oh oh-oh oh-ove. Yes, I’ve had the random urge to listen to the Grease soundtrack today. I actually had to sing that song when I went to music and fine arts camp in 5th grade…me + voice lessons…so unfortunate. Almost as unfortunate how much I can’t help but love these tunes despite how anti-feminist the whole musical is. I mean, having to totally change so some guy will like you?! Not ok.


Adding in a chocolate banana soy milk shake had to happen too. 😉

The mom and pop’s avocado grapefruit salad and mushroom pizza.

And then to the Ferry Building for some sorbet from Ciao Bella Gelato.

I leave for ATL Thursday and will be in Istanbul by next Tuesday. OH MAH GAH.

Summer days driftin’ away…


8 Responses to “Maybe it might be lo-oh oh oh-oh oh-ove”

  1. HOLY COW! All of this food looks so AMAZING! Seriously, that gelato…mmm!

  2. Glad you’re feeling better!

    I need that pizza in my tummy, like now.

  3. i consider myself a feminist, but i’d be lying if i said ludacris isn’t one of my favorite rappers. don’t sweat a little grease 🙂

    • 8 cassandrantonia

      Ahh guilty pleasures. I guess it’s kinda good advice at, “You better shape up …” And maybe I should adopt the big hair, tight pants & red lipstick look sans cancer stick hanging out my mouth. Thoughts? 😉

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