A New Milennium


Tonight, as we prepared to head out to a celebratory dinner at Miliennium before tomorrow I go into freak out mode and start running around buying everything I forgot for Istanbul, printing out boarding passes, making photocopies of EVERYTHING and staying up all night, my dad knocked on my door, “Soooo…is this restaurant we’re going to upscale?…or hipster?” Points for double checking, dad. & Points for embracing my hipster tendencies and taking me to little vegan places these past five weeks. Yes, I have been mistaken for an employee at Urban before. Sometimes I go too far, but don’t fret – 24 hours later, I’m back at the mall in Nike running shorts and a sweaty headband. So not indie. I’ve also been mistaken for a twelve year old…Anyone else get handed the kids menu on their 18th birthday? That’s what I call #winning.

Moving on…

Health-wise, I’m pretty much back to normal. 7 miler today what what! I was a tad hungrier than usual though and for a second, it stressed me out. And then I remembered, “Umm duh, you’ve been laying around eating white rice for days and you-know-what-ing your brains out.” So, I had some extra handfuls of trail mix (my (strange) addiction that I usually am a bit more careful around these days), and I’m ok with that. Again, the body knows what it needs and trying to fight it when all it wants is nutrients it has been missing out on for days because it doesn’t fit my ideal plan is just plain silly! Life happens. Adapt. Adapt. Adapt. So today, I’m gettin’ a little crazzzy with the snackies because my bod feels like it. Salted cashews and almonds…Oh yes, I know how to have a good time. Tomorrow, I probably will be over it. Super dee duper.

So back to Milennium. I’m really sad that my pictures all kept coming out blursville because it was SO. GOOD. Majorly pricey, but a great place to celebrate. And go a little nuts. When I can get every. single. item. on the menu, it’s time to party. Even more-so when I’m just getting used to decent food again. I can’t remember what it all was because they change seasonally and it’s not all on the site but…

Olive. The other reindeer.

Brotato tot’s creamsicle

OJ, soymilk, vanilla, agave. Dats what I’m talkin’ bout.

Pan. Obvs.

Soup o’ da day

Korean tempeh

Eggplant and tofu I think?

Portabello somethin or other deliciousness.


Molten chocolate rum cake with ginger “gelato” and bananas. 

Chocolate almond raspberry blur. Just pretend it’s a ship sailing a wave and not a really bad picture.


These pictures are actually a crime because they suck so much. Do yourself a favor and GO. Don’t feel guilty about going all out with the desserts and meals once in a while…we’re talking stuff like agave, dark chocolate and soy milk not Funfetti. Mmm PROPYLENE GLYCOL MONOESTERS…not. Nope, just gimme the good stuff any day.

Fun time over.

PACKING. PACKING. PACKING. ATL in 1 day, 17 hours. Istanbul 6 days, 11 hours. OHHHH MYYY GAWWWD.

Have a wonderful night, bloggie darlings! 🙂


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