My first WIAW


I’m joining the What I Ate Wednesday party cuz all the cool kids are doing it. Unfortunately, I was running around like a maniac so I mainly have  iPhone pics. But at least I hipster-fied them for you. You’re welcome. CrossProcess makes indulging in my hipster tendencies all too easy. And I LOVE IT. I used the Extreme filter on all of them because study abroad is finally starting to feel real and that makes me feel pretty friggin’ X-treme. WOOP.

After driving the broski to his 0 period photography class one last time (tear), I hit up 7am Bikram yoga. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a studio abroad. If not, I’ve at least got my DVDS. 🙂

Afterwards, the day in photos. The food is pretty much self-explanatory.

Yup, that is my huge mess of a room in the background. It actually looks even messier un-hipstah-fied. Here’s shameless proof.

whatajoke. What’s even funnier is that my room’s normal state isn’t much better. An endearing quirk…I hope?

The chia Synergy isn’t as epic as I’d hoped but it’s decent.

I haven’t bought Lunas in ages preferring the simplicity of Larabars and the like but this week, I randomly have craved these healthy candy bars and all their girliness. WOOO folic acid! calcium! iron! vitamin D!

Dinner a la casa

Plane eating supplies and plane reading. These make me too happy for words.

This weekend at Emory is looking like it’s going to be pretty packed so my next post may not be until I’m settled into my dorm in ISTANBUL (!!!) next week, but I’ll do my best. Until then, happy eating, bloggies. 🙂 Back to packing for that a.m. flight! Atlanta, get ready!


One Response to “My first WIAW”

  1. Yay! Your first WIAW post! 🙂 I posted my first WIAW yesterday too 🙂

    All your meals look delish!

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