Well, I have to admit, that my first full day here was kinda lamesauce eats-wise. I’ve been exhausted and my internal clock is way confused so there has been a lot of this:

I did get a big ol’ salad tonight for dinner at orientation though! Success! And now I just had way too many pistachios.

However, from tomorrow until the 26th, I have nothing I need to be at. So in the morning, I am setting off on one of my infamous solo missions to scout the city (my preliminary one today was brief as we had orientation, more on that in a moment) and find this baby:

Because having real food sounds kinda awesome right about now.

I currently have no roommates since all the Turkish students have awhile to move in. Can’t say I mind getting to do my own thing though the dark hallway with 3 locked doors is a bit creepy.

Being alone allowed me to take the obligatory tour of the apartment photos. Enjoy your sneak peak into the SUPERDORM. I’m not kidding about the name. Super dee duper!

Oh heyyy fridge chillin’ in the living room. Get it? Chillin’? And it’s a fridge…ok, I’m going to shut up now.

Oh heyyy awkward freak.

Scrub a dub dub.

I show this for size comparison with my room.

Heck yeah, I bought a baby pillow. Bebek!

Despite how goofy I am making my apartment seem with these pictures, I already am in love with Istanbul and Boğaziçi. The people are so kind; the school is HUGE but beautiful; the city is so full of history and is buzzing constantly with people walking around and cars barreling down the narrow streets. (I think I’m going to stick to the tracks and campuses for runs from now on…yikes!) Speaking of, I live next door to one of two tracks! How sweet is that?! I’m still trying to navigate between all the campuses, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually. Emory has me spoiled with its tininess.


On orientation, can I just say that I love that we have orientation 11 days before classes start and then do NOTHING & our welcome video included promotions for all the cray cray parties that go down on and around campus? So hilarious. I briefly attended our first night out and then came back to do what I do best, be a grandma. Drunk guy from Jersey, thanks for reppin’ us well and screaming about how we Americans gotta show Istanbul how we throw down! I’ll leave that to you.  And now, I am going to try and get back into normal sleeping patterns. Night world!


2 Responses to “Türkiye”

  1. 1 The Raw Diva

    Yeah, I am checking into flights. Between watching Dr. Oz’s show on his homeland, Turkey, and your adorable blogs, I gotta make the jump for a visit 🙂 If I can round up some sky miles I MAY just come for a visit. Have friends (and the best intern) to see!!

    Miss u sweet girl

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