Less sketch, still success


Today, my legs definitely were feeling yesterday’s epic city trek so I took it easy. Easy meaning stairs and hills on campus though it was only 30 minutes. I cannot figure out how to get onto the track! Every morning, I see a lady power walking around but I’ve tried 3 gates and they all have locks! Maybe once my Turkish roommates get here, they can help me…

I’m still on a high from my little expedition yesterday. I know I’m a total weirdo, but solo explorations are one of my favorite things ever and another will definitely have to happen very soon.

Today, I found a larger grocery store! I got lots of fruits and veggies. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that my roommates bring hot plates and more kitchen accessories…I’m going to have to be an ultra mooch this semester so I can make some of the lentils and beany beans they have all over the grocery stores.


Yup. I don’t have a bowl yet so I’m eating out of measuring cups. Great for portion control, difficult to balance. Figgies are my new fave.

BUT, my shining moment today was making cashew butter! I don’t know why I waited until I had no choice but to make my own nut butter to do it! It took all of 5 minutes; I made a small batch so I can make another type in a few days; and it’s the consistency I want!

All this took was Cashews + Magic Bullet + electricity.

Lunch is served!

Def had some more on my afternoon apple.

In other food news, Google Translator is saving my butt. I bought some dolmas today and searched every ingredient to make sure they were the meat-free kind. They were! WIN.

Dinner was served. Yes, I’m eating with chopsticks.

Today was spent mostly getting organized – I’m planning that Blue Cruise as well as looking up public transportation routes and plotting my HappyCow.net adventures. Yes, I am a huge dork and carry my little notebook and vegan passport everywhere. I also did laundry today. Correction – I had my laundry done today. Yup, the first day, I saw a girl sitting in the laundry room reading and I figured she was a student there early and waiting on her laundry. Nope. She is our laundry lady. For 10 TL, we turn our bag in to her and she takes care of it. Convenient, but pricey. Unfortunately, we have no other option on campus so, for now, I’m just going to make sure I turn in the biggest loads possible and stretch every lira! By the way, we also have ladies that come in and clean all the common areas of the dorm every. single. day. They’ll even clean our bedrooms if we request it. I realized this after coming back to my room after my first night and swearing a trash can that wasn’t there before had shown up in my room. I thought I had just missed it but then, the next day, it had been emptied. Creeepy. But awesome. Now I get why the Superdorm is so darn pricey!

Other random Superdorm facts:

– We have our own minimart – like a 7-11 in your dorm but better!

– We have a hair salon/barber shop. This cracks me up. I may just have to get a haircut there at some point. Then again, I haven’t even found a US stylist that has understood what I’ve asked for before, this could be unfortunate.

I also walked to main campus and explored a bit today. And then lay in the grass taking it all in and being all Eat Pray Love-y. You know, the usual. Turkish students started moving in today so I had company on the quad. Lots of canoodling couples and then me just chillin’ and writing all those deep, worldly thoughts that I’m supposed to be having while abroad away. Not awkward at all. I had stray dog buddies though!

Tomorrow’s mission – find the on campus beach. Yup. Because my school is cooler than your school, we have a beach all to ourselves on the Black Sea. OH MAH GAH. Is this real life?

I’m heading out for the night – updates on the evening adventures tomorrow! Peace, homies!


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  1. keep me updated on the salon and beach!

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