The Comeback Kid


First, I know I am way behind on this discovery and am so ashamed I missed out on this Bay Area gem for so long, but I am currently obsessed with Brett Dennen. The One Who Loves you the Most might have to become my new health journey feel-good theme song. Those of you who know me well know that I basically find a new theme song every other day, but this one is pretty swell for the moment. 🙂

“See, when you forgive your imperfections
And you’ve auctioned all your clothes
And you look to see your true reflection
You will be the one who loves you the most”

Ummm can I marry him? Please?

Anywho, after an hour of yoga with the Barkan Method DVD I got (which, by the way, was pretty lame compared to 90 minute Bikram on a hot as h-e-double hockey sticks room and Jillian’s Meltdown…not sure I’ll be doing this one again even though I know easy days are necessary especially with my longest long run ever coming up tomorrow !!! I still don’t feel like I’ve really worked out unless I’m a sweat-tastic mess after.), I had a little breakie

and caught up with my bloggie buddies.

Thanks for sharing this, Mama Pea!

Woo hoo progress! HSPH is one of my dream schools so I’m quite happy to see that they’re getting on the limiting animal products bandwagon. Victory! This is for all of you who’ve told me am being an unnatural looney and that people are meant for meat. 😉 You can check out my nifty book/movie list too.

Lunch was some bread and dolmas I got while out shopping with some other girls in the exchange program. No beach today, just wandering the Taksim area. Still pretty sweet. 🙂 Dinner was essentially the same plus some cucumber and one of my remaining Laras for dessert. I’m going to have to make some in my Magic Bullet soon. Bet all the delicious dried fruit and nuts here will make them soooo good. And a roommate moved in today! No sight of her yet (just saw her stuff in the common areas) but maybe she has a hot plate?!!

Aren’t we presh? Also note my Chacos – already getting a tan from them…awwww yeahhh.

Afternoon snackage:

As for other Turkey updates, I NEED NEED to find this place. I haven’t figured out where the heck it is yet via public transportation, but it must happen. And soon. Otherwise, I may cave and use their delivery service. Though I do wanna go there and mingle with Turkish health-nuts! Mah people! Directions here are really confusing and maps don’t cover most of the small streets, but I’ve got general directions to the Cihangir district down. Even if I can’t find the store, it’s supposed to be a really cool part of the city soooo tomorrow!

Tonight’s another lazy night of relaxing. I know I should hit up one of Istanbul’s wild parties at least once, but then I start thinking of my run the next day, all the places I want to explore and random drunk people grindin’ all over the place and decide I’d rather stay in. I practically break out in hives at frat parties and clubs back home & the idea of being at one an hour from campus seems like a recipe for stressing out. I’m looking forward to classes starting so that there will be ESN events beyond clubbin’. Please tell me there are some other 80 year old souls reading this who get me!! Don’t worry though, I’m 100% fo shiz taking that belly dancing class and joining an outdoorsy club once school starts so I won’t be a totally lame hermit forever.

Until tomorrow – peace & love, buddies!


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