Would you believe it if I told you that today was indeed another Cass-status success?

I did some yoga and then tackled my longest run ever – 2 hours! It’s looking like I might not die in this upcoming marathon after all despite the hip flare ups, sick tummy and travel interruptions in my training. Whew. Morning runs here have been my favorite part of each day. The streets are quieter and it’s mostly just me and the simit guys. We totally bond.

After eating the last of my cereal by the handful and chugging a ton of water,

I set out to find that health food store. When I got to Taksim, though, I grabbed a simit.

I won’t show you pictures of every single simit I have over the next few months, BUT can we appreciate the paper this guy used for a second?!

Now that is a simit with sass! He is my new favorite simit man.

And then all that H2O hit me. I started to walk to the WC in the park and then got sketched out by it’s looking like a liar of despair and the odd number of polis all over today. With their GIANT guns and cop buses. Yes, not cars, not motorcycles, BUSES.

Sorta intimidating. So, you guessed it. I made the obligatory purchase at Starbucks to use their little girls’ room.

Even my camera was embarrassed by me and wouldn’t take a decent picture. I’m starting to embrace the bit of America here though…no, I am not a fan of the omnipresent McDonald’s and Burger Kings but ‘Murica isn’t totally avoidable so I might as well take advantage of it when I need to.

After that, I picked a street in what I thought was the general direction of Cihangir. While nomming on some of the dried fruit and nuts I had in my bag like the prepared little vegan I am, I started to think that I might be kinda insane trying to find this place with no clue of how to get to this random address. Just as I was about to give up, I saw a sign in the distance

I. died.

Cramming the last bits of my snack into my mouth, I practically skipped inside. It was adorable and tiny with a little cafe outside and a bunch of cookbooks (including BabyCakes!) lining the walls. Next time, (because there WILL be many more next times) I’ll get indoor pictures. I got too caught up in circling the place and grabbing things to think like a good blogger. I think that I was starting to weird the guys working in there out a bit because I was giddy, but they were so nice and helpful and put up with me picking things up and then setting them down as I debated how much I could carry back to Boğaziçi. I swear – people at health food stores and restaurants are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Lots of good karma making them happy? One of the coolest reactions I’ve gotten from someone who found out I was vegan was, “Wow, you must be really peaceful.” Cool, huh? Kinda goes with this article I read today. Yes, I may be abroad but keeping up with health news and my bloggie buddies are my favorite ways to start the day and wind down from it so it happens daily. 🙂

Anyways, back to my story – I got some essentials

Fig molasses (new sweetener to try!), herbed tofu (kinda like feta?), chocolate oat milk, plain soy/rice/oat milk blend & raw vegan biscotti from what looks like an amazing detox center right here in the city. YES.

And a snack to-go.

It definitely tasted “healthy” which was fine by me! Lots of dried fruit and grains, lightly sweet and chewy.


Dinner was simple, as most meals abroad will probably be but it was yum. Whole grain bread, herbed tofu, tomato, onion, olive oil, salt & pepper. Kinda wishing I had a legit plate about now…

Plus an apple from my epic stash…

Don’t even ask. It was just another one of my typical awkward moments. I meant 2 apples. Not 2 kilos. At least I read this today and will think of it as I work my way through this bag.

Later, homies!


8 Responses to “YESSSS”

  1. Check out Loving Hut at Lhlamurdere Cad, 4b Sair veysi sok, Besiktas, Istanbul. We ate there as much as possible in Paris (owner was a Canadian transplant). Different owners but ya gotta LUV the name! I will ask Banu @ the restaurant she always took me to – the BEST salads ever. You know I am the salada aficionado!! GREEN FOODS RULE!

  2. PS.. love the SASSY simit wrapper. Can you believe I was in Istanbul 6+ times and never had a simit? I am more of the baklava luva…

    • 3 cassandrantonia

      You read my mind! Loving Hut was next on my list. 🙂 I can’t believe I’ve never gone to one in the US. There are only a million of them in the Bay Area. I would love salad places!

      Simit-less Istanbul?! Madness! Especially with such sassy little fellows like the one who sold me my last one.

  3. 4 Sue

    damn, was that the first time you’ve had that herbed tofu? i’ve never seen anything like it here but i want some!

    • 5 cassandrantonia

      It was! I love it!! I wanna recreate it when I get home! A cooking project for us! 🙂

  4. i’m glad you found some kindred spirits (perhaps) at that health food shop. also, i absolutely love how every single activity – grocery shoppin’ included – in a foreign country becomes an adventure.

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