I miss OPUS


Today, I got my yoga on and did a quick recovery run and came back to my room ready to try out my grocery store muesli and health food store soy milk

and be ready for class sign up at 9am. If anyone thinks Emory OPUS sign up is stressful, Boğaziçi has all of its students start signing up at once! (By the way, the site they have to help us along with the real registration one is called soppus.com. lolz.) At orientation, we were thoroughly freaked out by the discussion on how we will likely not get the classes we want and will have to beg and plead our way into them so I wanted to be online and ready to go as soon as 9:00 hit. And then…my ethernet wasn’t working which happens often in this building. Normally, though, it comes back after a bit. But I waited…and waited…As time ticket away, I tried to busy myself around the apartment. I had an early lunch with my almond butter fail.

It tasted fine, but my fig molasses and almond blend refused to get as buttery as my cashews did. It just awkwardly sat in crumbles between my slices of bread.

Oh and let’s not forget one of my apples!

Finally, I caved, packed my laptop and went to Starbucks to use their free wifi.

As I sipped my Raspberry Black Currant Tazo Tea and juice blend,

I waited to make the connection. To use their wifi, I had to enter my cell number and then hold it up to my computer while it emitted some weird sound. I have no clue how that works, but it made the experience a little more interesting. I finally had internet and then…the class registration system was down due to the thousands of students vying for their spots. Awesome. So I waited…and waited…and read everyone freaking out on the FB group. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I peaced and decided to walk and see if I could find somewhere to get a legit bowl and plate so my day wouldn’t be a total waste.

I had passed a Migros on my run the day before and figured it wasn’t too far. I made it!

Migros is a pretty interesting little grocery chain. Wikipedia has informed me that the one I visited was called MMM Migros because the chain breaks their sizes into M Migros, MM Migros and MMM Migros to tell you how big the store is! Hilarious. This one had a little of everything from home goods, to groceries, to shoes & undies…

Seems odd to pick up bras across the aisle from my soy milk but whatever works!

So I now have a legit bowl, plate and ambitious mug. The mug is ambitious because I have no way to heat water yet, but a girl can dream, right?

I discovered their organik section and their non-dairy milks! Woo! Though I will be making many a visit to Bayla in the future, it is nice to know that I can save room in my bag for their herbed ‘fu (which is da bom by the way) and other random goodies and stay closer to home for the basics. MMM Migros beats the tiny Dia I’d been going to by about a million points.

When I got home, I managed to get 2 classes out of my 5 while nooshing on another apple! Ummm yay? I sent pleading emails to my professors and advisor for the other 3…the waiting begins.

Dinner was a wrap of the random veggies I had – tomatoes, onion, lettuce, sprouts and the fantastic tofu drizzled in olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Right now, I’m kinda digging this simple meals thing. Everything here just tastes so good! Maybe it’s in my head because things just feel more epic in another country, but either way, my tummy is content. 🙂

Plus one of my biscotti from yesterday!

It’s a variety bag and I’m not sure what this one was, but I liked it!

Classes start a week from today so I have a decent amount of time to keep exploring and figuring out my surroundings. I still only know one bus route – the 559C to Taksim Square, but hopefully, I will successfully be able to find the campus beach, do the walking tour in my Lonely Planet guide and hit up the Bazaar before classes and keep being all Elizabeth Gilbert wandering woman for a little while longer. I don’t make enough time for it normally so I must say that I’m really enjoying having this 100% ME time for a little bit. I won’t be completely antisocial all semester, of course, but sometimes a girl just needs to do what she wants when she wants for herself, ya know? This would be much easier if the public transportation planner site would stop telling me that it detects a threat from my network…Starbucks wifi time again??


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  1. Haha that’s funny that the grocery store sells all that stuff!

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