Life in plastic, it’s fantastic


I woke up early to salute the sun with mah gurl Jillian for an hour before trying to make a smoothie.

And then failing.

I miss my bullet already.

But no matter because then I decided to take my fail and make lemonade. The lemonade being fruit cereal as I’d seen Katie eat.

Peaches + bananas + cashews + soy/oat/rice milk. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. This will be repeated…often.

After this, it was time for the Princes’ Islands!

A bus and ferry later and we were in another century. The islands have a ban on cars so all you see are people walking, bikes and lots of horse-drawn carriages.

We opted to hit up a beach first and took another ferry to get there as there’s no land access to the smaller beaches.

Check out the jellies and that glorious water! The best part though, was all the random American music blasting the whole time. Including my personal favorite – Barbie Girl. I can’t get over how by 6 years old I knew all the words to that. I didn’t even know what hanky panky was, but I apparently loved singing about it.

My almond, date, plum and Wasa cracker lunch was yums though I ate it while rockin’ on the boat. But really I just want to show you my hippie flower headband because I just couldn’t resist buying it.

Being from San Francisco, I have a right to wear flowers in my hair at any time. Don’t try and tell me otherwise.

After that, we took a carriage and trekked up to a monastery on top of the island.

It was so beautiful up there.

We then booked it down the mountain to catch the last ferry back to Istanbul.

But not before I picked up this

Can you tell how hectic this all was?

Anyways, THAT is the best baked potato ever. You can load it up with whatever you like and though I think I gave the 12 year old making this for me a heart attack when I (a little too intensely) yelled “NO!” as he was automatically reaching for the cheese and butter (sorry, buddy), it was a successful buy. Tater, olives, red cabbage, carrots and kısır – a kind of Turkish tabbouleh with tomato paste. Oh yes.

And then we joined the crowd crush pushing onto the ferry, got on our bus and finally made it home.

Night peeps – mega long run tomorrow! Wish me luck!


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