Many the Miles


Today, I woke up ready to take on my longest run ever. It was time…to break out the fuel belt. Oh yes.

I normally don’t like to eat before early runs but I figured it would probably be a good call before this so I had these shots

did some yoga and set off with my niffty little belt stocked with two mini water bottles of lemon-lime Nuun.

I’d expected to feel pretty awkward with all that extra junk I was lugging around in the trunk, but the belt was surprisingly comfortable. I was going for 2.5 hours and, never having run to a point where it’s advised to eat or drink something during it, I winged it. From what I’ve read, people have so many different methods that the only way to figure it out was to try it. I sipped bits of Nuun throughout the run and was shocked not to get any cramps! About an hour and a half in, I downed this.

Not gonna lie, I felt kinda bada$$. Like I’m officially a long distance runner now that I actually ate something while running and didn’t puke. I know, I’m weird.

I was pretty pooped after the run, but it was amazing running along the marina…even if I almost got hooked by fishermen a few times.


Attractive, right? Maybe not but it was gooood. 1/3 cup oats, 2/3 chocolate oat milk, 1 frozen banana in the fridge overnight. Cold, chocolately goodness.

What I’d really wanted for lunch was a big ol’ salad BUT I’d gotten a little shower surprise this morning. About 5 minutes in, I looked down and realized all the water by my feet was YELLOW. At first, I thought I must be one grimy little person and was completely disgusted with myself, but then I thought it was weird that this would suddenly be showing up in the water. And that’s when I realized this lovely water was actually coming out of the shower head. AHHHH. I got out and the sink was doing the same so I didn’t really want to wash my veggies in that. Barf.


It was almost like a cute little picnic with herbed tofu instead of cheese (so much better anyways) except instead of being in a romantic park in Paris, I was in the Superdorm by myself hoping my legs wouldn’t fall off. Close enough.

I decided I’d have mega sore legs if I let myself sit all day so I went to try and find North Campus because my professors had finally posted where my classes are located! Yup, classes start tomorrow and not one of my classes is in the sociology building on South Campus; that would just be too easy. The “study” part of study abroad is finally hitting me. Unfortunately, I ended up at the Hisar Campus…whoops. But my first class isn’t until 2pm tomorrow so I’ll figure it out by then. I hope.

I let my tired self kill some time watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I actually teared up during it more than once. Seeing all these people completely changing their lives through food was incredible and reaffirmed that I want to one day work with individuals like those. I highly recommend it.

Snack time!

After an afternoon walk to MM Migros to stalk up on groceries, I came home and made this once I saw that the water was once again clear. Praise the lawd!

Not the most exciting thing ever, but it was yums anyways. Not sure how I feel about the Vollkornbrot bread though. I’ll finish the pack but it’s definitely not my favorite.

In other news: I now have both a sock tan and a Chacos tan. Hawt. Tomorrow though, I am willing myself to dress like a normal person and wear something other than what I would wear to the gym or on a camping trip. Shooting for the stars over here, people.

Happy Sunday!


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