First Day of School!


Last night, in my typical fashion, I could hardly sleep. I’ve never been able to sleep before the first day of school – too much excitement, too many things that could go wrong…sleep just never happens.

Today, after briefly snoozing, I was up early and ready to tackle my workout and get on with the day…even though I only had one class…and it wasn’t until 2pm.

I really hope my roommates can’t hear my yoga DVD in the mornings. I love it, but I know not everyone likes to wake up to Jillian Michaels screaming, “Who’s your daddy?!” Yes, I know I’m weird, but what’s weirder was doing this in elementary school. What kind of child finds a Cindy Crawford work out video and then actually does it? Me. I totally remember using my tiny kids chair as a prop and hoping I would grow up to be just as much of a fitness diva as Cindy. What can I say? I was born this way, baby. Also, I can’t believe there are clips of this on Youtube.

Anyways, I made a new friend running!

This little guy ran with me almost the whole 35 minutes all the way up to the doors of the Superdorm! So cute!

Then I decided to hit up the Bebek Starbucks. It’s even in the guidebooks, people! It’s open from 7pm-1am, is 2 floors and packs an epic view of the Bosphorus – new study spot? I think so.

Ridonkulous. I happily sipped my soya latte and then prepared to leave. I grabbed my wristlet and it felt oddly light…WHERE ARE MY KEYS?

Probably floating around the Bosphorus now. How does a key ring just break off? I retraced my steps through the morning but no luck. Had to get new ones. Atomic fail. 😦 Time for a new wristlet, wallet or the super dorky but definitely useful key lanyard.

I did, however, make it to class!

The professor is in her first year here after teaching for a few years at Cal, and I like her and this linguistics/anthro/soc course already!

Getting books here is interesting. She told us the photocopy place all her readings are at but professors could have them at any of these

Not confusing at all.

No interesting vegan eats today really and I won’t bore you with fruit cereal, salad and nut pictures all semester even though I’m good with eating ’em!

I did try a new cereal today though:

To be repeated.

The little veggie crew I started is heading to The Loving Hut Thursday so I will for sure have something delicious to report then. Assuming we find the place… Either way, I’m so excited to have found so many like-minded exchange students and that we’re going to be having weekly dinners together! No one is quite on my level (people were definitely weirded out by the veggies in our juice last week), but I’m sure I’ll manage to bring a few over to the dark side by the semester’s end. 😉

Until tomorrow!

PS- Have you donated? 🙂

I’m sure this adorable dog I met over the weekend would be happy if you did!


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