My Hips Don’t Lie


Day 2 of classes – check!

Since I had a 9 a.m.-er who’s location I was a little shady on this morning, I pushed working out to the afternoon. And then my hips decided that now was the perfect time to be uncooperative again. So I ended up walking the back part of my out and back. Fabulous. 19 days til race time…hopefully hardcore stretching tonight will help things out because this is NOT allowed to happen.

I got some books today for class though so that was exciting! So far, my textbook purchasing has set me back $20 for the two classes that had their stuff ready. When I say textbooks, I actually mean these.

Not bad, eh? Thank you Günel Fotokopi.

Had three more of my classes today and decided Social Anthropology is going to be my other favorite class. The professor got her Ph.D at Berkeley and is married to a documentary film maker who also teaches here…notice a hippie/hipster trend with my favorites? I’ll admit it.

I also tried this today!

I really liked it though I’m cutting back on the more processed vegan foods because a. they are really tricky/practically impossible to find here and b. I feel even better eating more simple, as close to nature as possible food. My first few weeks as a vegan back in April definitely had their share of Tofurky sandwiches and Daiya quesadillas and while I won’t deny that having gooey melty goodness around once in a while is awesome, I see them more as treats than daily staples and they have kind of faded out over the past few months. It’s way cheaper and my body’s responding amazingly to all the fruits, grains and veggies that have been upped since coming to Istanbul. In the 14 days that I’ve been abroad (where has the time gone!?) I already am staring to see a noticeable difference in my body and my skin even looks better – bonus vegan points fo shiz. These habits will definitely be coming home with me.

Still, soya macchiato = yums and after Elise talked about Lollihop and Whitney showed some awesome goodies from Blissmobox, I did get a little bit pumped for January when I can have a little reunion with some of my favorite treats and snacks again. Because, really, what is life without some vegan cookies in it? 😉 I think the 80/20 split between eating things that will practically cure cancer on the spot and vegan “junk” food – kinda like in The Kind Diet – makes a lot of sense – giving my body the absolute best while still giving my taste buds something a little different occasionally that’s still eco-friendly, compassionate and pretty healthy all things considered. Win-win.

But January is a long way from now soooo I should probably not spend too much time longing for a Chocolate-Dipped Coconut Luna Bar anyways. Unless someone wants to send me a care package. Vegan Essentials does ship internationally…I’m kidding. Mostly.

Now I’m off to do some reading! Yay homework!


2 Responses to “My Hips Don’t Lie”

  1. I agree with your conscious eating discovery that eating cleaner is easier on the body. Less inflammation & pain… at least that is what I have experienced cutting out processed foods down to roughly 5% of my diet just to experiment. My yoga practice has skyrocketed – no pain & instant flexibility. You can’t deny what the body likes… keep up the great work darling. Miss you tons. My intern today (don’t worry, you are HNAT replaced) thinks you are adorable & wants to touch base so be on the lookout for Kristina P. She is not a stalker, just a new fan! Stay healthy Istanbul! xo

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