Ben İngilizce konuşuyorum.


I speak English.

I sorta know Spanish.

I’m rusty, but I was once pretty fluent in American Sign Language.

I’m now trying to learn Turkish.

& I feel like a failure among all these European kids who already speak like 5 languages. (see the like thrown in there? I’m also fluent in Californian. Go me.)

This had nothing to do with food or health.


I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow though! Woo hoo! And then Thursday night exchange student veggie dinner round 2. 🙂

Here’s something fun for ya though…

Behold. I give you the squatty potty.

Though in some buildings, you’re lucky and get this.

Who’s making mental note of where all the high tech toilets on campus are? ME ME ME.


Üzgünüm. Again.





One Response to “Ben İngilizce konuşuyorum.”

  1. you haven’t fallen in love with squatty potties?!

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