American Idiot


Right now, I should be out with the veggie crew enjoying our Thursday night dinner…instead, I’m in bed, feeling just like right before I left for this trip. 😦 My online searching tells me I’m showing symptoms of a parasite, anxiety (Get a grip, Cass. Classes JUST started.), food sensitivities or bad food…so basically who knows? Awesome. I’ll spare you the dirty deets but it is not looking pretty in the Superdorm right now. When I do get to the bottom of this, I’ll post on it, if it’s relevant.

The highlight of my day was trying the Vitamix juice bar at school with one of my veggie buddies.

We were adventurous and both got orange/pomegranate. 🙂

At this point, I was feeling a little off already, but throughout the day, I’ve only felt worse. I’ve had some B.R.A.T. friendly foods and now just want to lay here.

For when I do figure out what this strange stomach occurrence is and get over it, I did manage to go grocery shopping today. MM Migros did not disappoint. One of my roomies said I’m free to borrow kitchen stuff so I stalked up on fruits, veggies, pasta, etc. They even had gluten-free pasta I’m going to try! Yes, I actually am really excited about this.

I’m also going to try and make hummus. It will be the saddest hummus ever, but it’s going to happen.

Why am I an American idiot? Because between struggling to order a salad at lunch, having a middle school girl laugh at me in MM Migros, thinking I’d lost my keys in the grocery store (again) and having a potato role out of my bag onto the sidewalk as I searched through my Emory Sustainability bag (which people in the store seem to think is weird) for it in panic and having to bail on veggie dinner, I think I sufficiently made a fool of myself today. Oy vey.

On a happier note, I got an email about this today. Brewed chocolate?!? Pinch me, I must be dreaming.


4 Responses to “American Idiot”

  1. 1 Sue

    i saw choffy on a blog- been looking for it everywhere in Atlanta but no place sells it! we must get to the bottom of this cass. next semester.

  1. 1 Nanners | She Don't Eat No Meat

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