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Happy Halloween


Here’s to an awesome weekend spent in Cappadocia (recap coming soon) and participating in the wonderful college tradition of doing way too many things with too little sleep – papers, exams, trying not to be an antisocial hermit. Here goes nothin’. Oh and here’s to caffeine. God bless you, coffee. Advertisements

Bran biscuits: part of the survival kit for the 3 day trip to Cappadokia. Mmm fiber. If they make me pay 40TL for booze I’m not drinking Saturday and 15TL a day for a buffet I probably won’t want to eat at as the trip planners are trying to push, I’m not going to be […]

Tea Time


It ain’t no Steady Hand but I feel oh so Turkish!

So Bogazici has tons of cats and dogs. Everywhere. On the quad, laying around on the stairs, napping under bushes. Being the creeper magnet that I am, it is only natural that I attract not only bizarre humans, but furry friends as well. Even in a group, they make a beeline for me. I’m so […]

Bears Eat Beets


Fact: Hummus and avocado is the best sandwich combo ever. Fact: Bigger is better when it comes to apples. And apple bottoms. ­čśë Fact: A week off of working out didn’t kill me. It actually made today’s return to running that much better. And I held crow pose and wheel pose longer than ever this […]

It’s been a full week since I crossed that line. A week filled with sleeping. Usually by 9 pm. (This is pathetic even for a granny like me.) A week filled with eating. Mmmm, carbs. A week filled with slow, stiff-legged walks counting as exercise. Embarrassing. And don’t even get me started on what I […]

I love my…


A few months ago, I committed myself to waking up each morning and listing the random, quirky things I like about myself. You know, kind of like Jessica’s Daily Affirmations. Though, admittedly, I was nowhere near as cute. I’d read about the power of┬ápositive affirmations and thinking and figured why not give yet another hippy-dippy […]