When you fail to plan, then…


I’ve realized something.

I have been really sucking at preparation. As I’ve been figuring out where the grocery stores are and been buying whatever seemed good at each without real thought as to how long my purchases would last me, how they would go together and when exactly I would be putting each item to use, some of my meals have been kinda lameo.

Some days I’ve eaten nice meals and sometimes, I’ve looked around and had something like this

But no more.

Tomorrow, I don’t have class until 2 and the plan is to spend the morning actually getting a full week’s worth of groceries and then doing all the slicing, dicing, prep cooking, etc. AS SOON AS I GET HOME. That way, when I’m rushing between classes, the library and meetings for these clubs I have joined (trekking and belly dancing!!!), there won’t be any Crap-I-have-no-food-I-guess-I’ll-stuff-my-face-with-these-almonds-since-that’s-all-I-have moments.

It’s ambitious, but my goal is to achieve a level of preparedness that would make the take to work/school and make-ahead hippie meal queen proud.

Wish me luck.



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