Like a Girl Scout…


I’m now prepared.

Fun fact: I actually was a Girl Scout. Biggest moment? Blowing all our troops savings on a trip to see…wait for it…


He was a punk, she did ballet, what more can I say?

Can you guess where I am? I actually did 9 years of ballet too. And yes, I ❤ sk8r boiz alwayz and 4ever.

What I was I talking about again? Right. Today, I got my shopping done and spent some time making a HUGE batch of brown rice and chopping up some veggies.

The result?

Not to bad considering I’m sharing a fridge with 3 other people and don’t wanna hog all the space. Slash I really don’t wanna invest in more tupperware than I have to since I’m just going to end up giving (not throwing!) it away in January.

I already had my first prepped meal. Brown rice topped with sautéed tomatoes, mushrooms and eggplant and dressed with an admittedly unconventional cross-cultural combo of low-sodium soy sauce and tahini. I doubt it’ll be winning any culinary competitions anytime soon, but this is college and if I can get a healthy and speedy meal in my tummy, I’m one happy camper.

Oh hey there awkward big toe in the corner.

Praise the lawd for nice roommates who let you borrow their kitchen stuff.

In other news, my trackpad decided I can’t highlight or drag things. This is kinda a huge problem considering I have some awesome vegan news to share with you and want to add some links. Help?

Looks like I’m going to try to communicate my major problema to the Akmerkez Apple Store after class. Ay dios mio.


2 Responses to “Like a Girl Scout…”

  1. LoL Cass, really. Ur funny. Stick with nutrition journalism. I have a future planned for you… sooooooooooooo many options!!

    Miss u sweet one.

  1. 1 Sushi wit mah gurls | She Don't Eat No Meat

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