2 Things


I’m slightly insane, but I bought a legit blender today. The cheap immersion blender has only proven useful for violently smashing things. Hopefully, I can sell both on Turkish craigslist at the end of the semester. Either way, this is a worthwhile investment. Visions of Green Monsters, hummus and other vegan delights are currently dancing through my head. Yes, I know I’m weird.

Also, I shopped at MacroCenter since I was at the mall anyways. They have SWEET POTATOES. And spinach that isn’t dying and brown. I haven’t mentioned it but legit every single green I have bought here from the grocery store or random veggie man has been about 50% nasty meaning 1/2 always goes in the trash. I think MacroCenter is like the Whole Foods of Turkey. They even have soy pudding!

That’s all for now. Blender adventures tomorrow. I know how to party.


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