Sushi wit mah gurls


I broke out the blender today. Pure joy.

It’s the little things, people. Work with me.

I made almond butter.

It was as simple as tossing a cup of them into my high powered baby and then streaming in a little olive oil at the end.

Um. YES.

Right after, a green monster with spinach, rice milk, banana and nectarine happened. Some bits of almond butter I couldn’t scrape out joined the party too. 🙂


Best impulse buy ever? I think yes. Some girls indulge in retail therapy and get cute clothes; I come back with appliances. I’m ok with it. Did I mention this was the only blender I found in 3 appliance stores? Everywhere had like 10 juicer models but one store had 1 blender. Odd.

At night, it was Thursday veggie dinner at China Stix and Sushi. I wasn’t particularly hungry at the restaurant so I had some veggie soup.

Blurry picture, but good times with good people. 🙂 I love our international everythingarian mix. So far, we’ve got the US, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany covered.

Then, of course, I was hungry by the time I got home so I ended up breaking out my leftovers. At least I was prepared?


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