What’s better than bread?

Avocado + bread.

I actually bought this avo to try and make a really pathetic version of a sandwich I’d had this summer at Sugar Plum Vegan in Sacramento. It was already going to be pathetic since I don’t have Daiya or the patience to make vegan aioli. So it was basically going to be a sweet potato and avocado mash on bread. But then I pulled my sweet potato out and it was looking all kinds of funky. How many days do those things normally last? Sadness.

Oy. I need to plan better next time.

Other updates from my life:

– Fall has arrived. Rain rain rain. I’ve finally accepted that my one hoodie is just not gonna cut it.

– I was reminded I hate the taste of raw broccoli. Steamed, sautéed, in any other form, we are great pals. But raw? Barf. Nastiest green monster ever.

– I stole Katie’s work out. I only did one set today because I was running long. (Last long run before the marathon! Sweet baby Jesus where has the time gone?!) I can already tell it’s gonna hurt so good tomorrow though.

– Also inspired by Katie, I joined Pinterest. It’s like Stumbleupon but BETTER. Time to set the Self-Control timer.

– But best of all, I joined Couch Surfing. Why? How else am I going to meet the hippies here? I did find some local vegetarian and vegan groups that I fully intend on hanging out with at least once. When one of the guys identifies himself as “Bobo-is-learning-ukulele,” how can I pass this opportunity up?

That’s right. I can’t. You know you’re curious too.

And then of course, there are the one-on-one hang out emails.

Some choice lines Turkish suitors have sent me:

“May we meet and drink something each other for practice anywhere in istanbul?”

Umm what?

“You are a very big cat.”

My guess is that he selected 6 words at random from his deck of English flash cards. Or he has a very bizarre fetish.

Either way, REJECTED.



3 Responses to “#MLIA”

  1. Definitely need the timer with Pinterest. It’s an unbelievable time-suck. Glad I could drag you down with me. 🙂

  1. 1 Liquid Joy | She Don't Eat No Meat

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