Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish


Because studying abroad makes you think about things.

Right now, between classes, meeting people, trying to be a good tourist and keeping up with this blog, I’m doing a lot of thinking.

Didn’t I warn you that I was going to get all Eat Pray Love on ya at some point?

I think I did.

So deal with it.

There are a few things I know:

– I get a huge kick out of writing every day. Blabbering about my life into cyberspace is highly entertaining, and I want to get more serious about this. Like with an actual domain and structure and all those cool little do-dads all the other bloggies have.

– Food is fascinating. It’s funny, but after surfing the blog world, you come to realize that a lot of people who haven’t always had the best relationship with food actually love it. Mmmm, pass the chocolate, por favor. But seriously, I want to read every word Michael Pollan has ever written. I want to make raw energy bars with Brendan Braizer. I want to juice with Kris Carr. A girl can dream, right?

– I started college as a sociology and journalism major and have a tendency to latch onto things and see them through to the end. Even if doing so makes no sense. I’ve always thought I need to finish what I start, no questions asked.

But what if I don’t like where I’ll end up?

So now I’m debating. I know that I want to learn more about food and health. Duh, that’s why I have the best internship evaaa. I know that I want to study it further in the next step in my education.

But I also love writing. Always have. And journalism seemed like THE major to get me there.

But I actually hate writing based off a formula.

And feeling like I can’t pursue my interests because I have to find an internship that meets criteria x, y and z even if I learn nothing from it or am completely miserable at it.

And don’t even get me started on news quizzes first thing in the morning.

Don’t get me wrong, the major’s great. For some people.

But for me? Mehhhh.

I long to write sassy little articles like Joel Stein. Who, by the way, was an English major.

I want to write about health and animal rights with all the style and flare of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Who was? You guessed it. An English Lit. major.

My favorite writing I’ve done in college has been outside of class on this blog, for campus publications, my infamous crazy-long awkward stories of my life Facebook messages to my friends…

My point? At 18, who really knows what they want to do with the rest of their life? Who knows by graduation at 21 even? Am I really going to stick to what my high school self decided? I’ve abandoned so much of her way of thinking (for the better) so why not this too?

So now I’m looking at my goals and thinking it makes most sense to kiss that co-major goodbye.

I still love sociology though. It makes me feel like I actually understand people.

And then I talk to a 20-year-old male.

And then I remember, that people men boys guys still make no sense.


AND little bird told me that starting next year, Emory’s going to be offering a nutrition minor and will be offering courses as soon as this spring.

So I can write nonsense to my little heart’s content AND study food?!

Serendipity? Talk about one door closing and another opening.

It’s still all on the D.L. so I don’t know what’ll happen for sure, but maybe everything is falling into place.

Either way, there are many roads to where I need to be so we’ll see how this turns out…

“There is no reason not to follow your heart…Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” – RIP Steve Jobs


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  1. guys lol

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