When Roles are Reversed, Opinions are Too


I’m still riding my hummus-induced high.

No one can ever say I’m difficult to please.

This was before I said to hell with pretty sandwich making and just dipped and dunked. Much more efficient.

Also, I’ve been thinking…is it wrong to keep my Couch Surfing profile and continue to laugh at the awkward and creepy emails I get? I do have a legit interest in the meet-up groups, but sketchy “Let’s-get-coffee-and-then-I-can-take-you-to-my-lair-of-doom,” emails from guys giving the camera their best attempts at sexy, smoldering looks (they fail by the way) are not my style.

But maybe they’re actually nice people. Maybe I’m a bad person for laughing at lines like,

“Runner 🙂
Shall I leave a reference)”

I mean, I embody awkward.

I can’t judge another’s awkwardness.

Or can I?

In case you didn’t get the random song in my head, enjoy. Julian, you’re the only for me.


One Response to “When Roles are Reversed, Opinions are Too”

  1. i say judge away! lolol

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