Creeper Magnet


Highlight of the day: A Turkish woman came up, grabbed my hair and dissolved into a fit of giggles with her two friends.

And then walked away.

After 20 years, having random people grab, squeeze and attempt to run their fingers through my hair doesn’t even phase me. Note: Your fingers WILL get stuck so don’t even bother.

No one can resist this.



I’ve never been one of those people that spends time taking Macbook pics of herself so excuse my less than ladylike pose.

And yes, the front sections of my hair have gone straight on their own.

Also just got a friend request from a Turkish man who graduated high school in ’77. He ran the marathon according to his recent pictures. Clearly, that’s reason enough for us to be friends.



4 Responses to “Creeper Magnet”

  1. i laughed so hard just now that i’m a little worried i pissed off the neighbors (it’s almost 2 am :/ )


  1. 1 Animal Magnetism | She Don't Eat No Meat

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