Bears Eat Beets


Fact: Hummus and avocado is the best sandwich combo ever.

Fact: Bigger is better when it comes to apples.

And apple bottoms. 😉

Fact: A week off of working out didn’t kill me. It actually made today’s return to running that much better.

And I held crow pose

and wheel pose

longer than ever this morning.

No, I don’t look quite as awesome as these ladies, but as Jillian reminds me every morning, it’s about the journey.

Yes, home exercise DVDs inspire me.

Fact: My economics and Turkish classes no son mis favoritos and I have a response paper and a test to study for as soon as I hit “post.”

Fact: Today, I am one happy little clam for no real reason.

And I love it.

Battlestar Galactica.


4 Responses to “Bears Eat Beets”

  1. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica. Love it!
    I agree with you on pretty much all of these. I go through the apples at the store to pick out the biggest ones. The only thing I can’t agree with is holding crow pose… maybe I should try that since I’ve taken a week off running. I’ve never been able to do it!

  2. why are you so adorable?!

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