Animal Magnetism


So Bogazici has tons of cats and dogs.


On the quad, laying around on the stairs, napping under bushes.

Being the creeper magnet that I am, it is only natural that I attract not only bizarre humans, but furry friends as well.

Even in a group, they make a beeline for me.

I’m so popular.

I have dog who loyally does my runs with me as long as I get to campus at the usual time.

He’s quite a stickler for punctuality.

Last week, I had a pack of three dogs trailing me for a bit.

Yesterday, I was being my usual nerdy self being early to class and this little cutie first attempted to get into my backpack and then cozied up on my lap.

And then the rest of the class walked in, and I sat there looking like a crazy cat woman who had brought it in with her.

A glimpse into my future?

Don’t answer that.

I woke it from its slumber once class began and took it outside.

Poor cold little baby.

So I’m wondering what causes this animal attraction.

Can they smell that there’s not a chance that I’m going to eat them or anything like them and thus feel safe?

Vegans for the win.

Do they like my big hurrr?

I wouldn’t doubt it.

But really, I got nothing.

Nothing but fur all over my pants.


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