Pass the biscuits


Bran biscuits: part of the survival kit for the 3 day trip to Cappadokia.

Mmm fiber.

If they make me pay 40TL for booze I’m not drinking Saturday and 15TL a day for a buffet I probably won’t want to eat at as the trip planners are trying to push, I’m not going to be happy.

As my friend pointed out when I said that today though, I’ll probably mumble something passive aggressive and fork over the cash.


Had a really awkward moment walking by the Superdorm track today.

I passed a man who had his hands rather occupied with a not so PC activity. I am scarred for life, but no one else seemed to mind.

There has to be a law or something against THAT.

Yeah, I’m not gonna say anything further (trying to keep this PG) other than that I have an awful searing mental image burning in my brain to enjoy on the bus ride tonight.


TMI? Trust me, I could’ve died happy never witnessing that.



7 Responses to “Pass the biscuits”

  1. aughhhh whyyyyy (sorryyyy)

    re: biscuits. i approve of biscuits.

  2. details!!! lol

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