Balance Beam


So I have my first cold in years.

Attractive, no?

I look much more less attractive in person.

A marathon, Cappadocia and midterms have finally come and bit me in the butt with 1 exam and some papers left.

Oh, and I leave for Cyprus Sunday.

Part of me wants to wag my finger disapprovingly at myself and think of how much more I should have slept, etc. But another part of me is ok with it.

Not that I’m ok with how I’m now being totally cool and carrying toliet paper around to blow my nose every five seconds, but I wouldn’t have traded this weekend for a few more hours of sleep or with more carefully planned studying.

It’s a hard balance to strike, and I’m clearly still having issues finding it (sniffle, sniffle), but when I look back on high school, I remember plenty of As, awards, medals and general overachiever-ness but I don’t have too many memories that don’t involve some kind of gold star getting plastered on my forehead. I remember my desk. My laptop. My watch. Always getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep. Calorie counting. Reading Runner’s World like it was the bible.

I didn’t let myself live enough and looking back, I would gladly trade some SAT points for more nights spent doing something utterly pointless but that I’ll actually remember when I’m 90 years old.

Not that I’m not proud of some aspects of those days. The reality is, being somewhat of a hermit got me into college, but something was definitely lacking. I wish I had let myself have a little bit of both worlds.

So tonight, here’s to tea, studying and looking forward to passing out on the plane in 3 days.

I hope they serve Emergen-C in Cyprus.


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