I’ll Admit It


My food posting has been really slacking lately.

Mostly because my food isn’t that exciting.

When you lack a real kitchen and cooking utensils beyond a really bad knife that you’ve almost lost some fingers to several times, you lose some inspiration.

I love Turkey. I’m pretty set on coming back to Europe one way or another this summer.

Idealist and Workaway are becoming my best friends right now.

But I’m not going to lie. Creeping vegan food blogs is making me want some pumpkin in mah belly.

I’m planning a vegan Thanksgiving with some friends here, but I doubt we’ll be able to get this or this or this epic.

When I get back to ATL, any and all of you are invited to have my months-delayed re-creations of the holidays.

Which reminds me…

I should probably figure out where I’m going to be living.

All I can tell you is, it WILL have more than a sink as a kitchen.

In other news, it’s November 14th and I’m already listening to Christmas music.

I figure that because I’m taking advantage of my European friends and starting celebrations early (Sinterklaas December 5th anyone?), I am justified in breaking my usual not-until-the-day-after-Thanksgiving rule.

Happy Holidays, my beautiful readers!


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