So…may or may not have ditched the Couch Surfers and gone to Zencefil with Natasha.

I know, I know. We’re lame.

But we couldn’t resist

Homemade ginger ale,

Crazy dense bread,

my lentil kofte

her spinach pie

my dried fruit, nuts and sorbet

and her chocolate cake.

Could you?

Such a good decision. My tummy was quite pleased.

In awkward news, I decided I really needed to figure out where the eff they put our mail today. Every time I walk out the dorm, I forget to ask at the office or the lady in there is on the phone.

Today, I decided to just wander like an idiot until I found it.

And then one of the security guys walked up and handed me my two-month old mail.

He’d realized I am a moron and didn’t realize the mail is put into boxes organized by first initial on the entrance floor. So anyone can just walk up and grab my mail, by the way.

He also somehow new which was mine even though we’ve never spoken (the security guys don’t speak a word of English and my Turkish is actually a joke).

I was thankful but also mildly creeped out.

To add to the awkwardness, I received a little email from a 31-year-old CouchSurfer who said he would love to discuss life with me.

Maybe I should quit my whining and give the dude a chance.

A winky face was included in the message…

I’m kidding. Age is just a number but that’s a big ol’ number.

Not to mention his profile contains way too many emoticons (mainly šŸ˜‰ and :P) and pictures of him having a smoke.



One Response to “Zencefil”

  1. dudes who use lots of emoticons and smoke? no go.

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