Yesterday, between sketchin’ around Sultanahmet and meeting up with some friends in Taksim, I wandered around my favorite part of the city, Cihangir.

And took more pictures of inanimate objects.

3 goals for the coming weeks:

– Take more pictures involving people. (Including myself even though I hate it.)

– Make use of my museum card and see EVERY TOURISTY PLACE in Istanbul. I’ve been putting it off too long just wandering around. Getting to see the city on my own terms has been great but leaving without seeing Agia Sophia would be a fail of epic proportions.

– Have dessert every night. Now, for me, sometimes it’s fruit, sometimes it’s dark chocolate and sometimes it’s a big ol’ vegan treat I hunt down but, in any case, I’ve been making everyday a little festive and it has been nomalicious. Life’s too short not to celebrate daily.

Which reminds me – if I don’t drag myself out of my warm room and get groceries, I’m not going to be eating anything this week.

Off I go!



4 Responses to “Vagabond”

  1. 1 Sue

    Ahh, I can’t believe your time there is already coming to an end! Those seem like awesome goals, haha.

  2. third goal=best idea EVER!!!

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