Blog Lovin’


I’m all wrapped up in trying to study so there’s not much excitement to share.

(Trying would be the operative word there.)

But I did read this post from one of my favorite bloggers today and thought I’d share it. I found it incredibly relatable, honest and inspiring.

Though this blog has definitely evolved since I started from a daily chronicle of eats to a way to remember my travels to a collection of the awkward moments I am so prone to having, its original idea still remains at the heart of it. I guess the evolution is a true testament to the fact that yes, food and health is still a big part of my life, but that I’m also (still) slowly learning to see it as just one part of my life and not an all-consuming obsession. So yes, I can’t wait to get back in a legit kitchen and share with you the first thing I want to make that has been put off for way too long – a BabyCakes NYC Triple Chocolate Fat Pants Cake. (Intrigued, aren’t you?) But it’s also nice to have this place to remember that not only did I eat something on a certain day but I also laughed, tripped walking up the stairs (it happens) or spent the day exploring an incredible city.

Still, I’ve found posts on eating and body image the most cathartic to write. And yet, they are also the posts that as soon as I hit publish, I want to go back, hit delete and pray that no one has seen them. It’s a crazy good feeling to let it all out, but it’s weird being able to so easily write things I’ve only actually said to a few people. And somethings I haven’t told anyone.

But people like Lynn and the messages I get from you wonderful readers keep me going. Reading other bloggers has been a comfort, and I’ve found so many wonderful guides through life’s ups and downs. I couldn’t be more grateful.

The blogworld is a strange and interesting place. When did I become so open? So into sharing my often completely random thoughts and ideas? So ok with possibly embarrassing myself on a daily basis?

I’m not sure, but I’m so glad I did.



4 Responses to “Blog Lovin’”

  1. i know exactly how you feel!!! readers support can really really help. Sometimes I feel the same way!!
    i’m wanting to bake really bad right now too! and i have the babycakes book and that fat pants cake does look good!

  2. It’s great when writing is cathartic, isn’t it! Also great that you’re just writing whatever comes to mind. why not! 🙂

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