City Grrrl


Last night, my friend generously hooked me up with a free ticket to see Cansei de Ser Sexy courtesy of one of her roommates. (Thanks Danielle!)

I didn’t know this awesome Brazilian band before and had been missing out.

Hard-core women rocking out are the best. Since I was a little girl, my secret wish has been to be just that badass.

Confident. Powerful. And completely wild.

And if you were wondering, cansei de ser sexy literally translated means, “I have grown tired of being sexy.”

I know the feeling, ladies. As I was making fun of my latest CouchSurfer email luvah boys, my friend said, “Well, Cassandra, maybe you should try looking a little less, you know, hot, in your profile picture.”

As if that were possible.

But in all seriousness, should I only be seen in the world when I haven’t showered, combed my hair or brushed my teeth in a week to remain safe from the creeps?

Not ok.

Big besos to all you supah sexy fabulous readers. May you take a leaf out of Lovefoxxx’s book today and dance with reckless abandon.



2 Responses to “City Grrrl”

  1. 1 Sue

    hahaha I love this. that group sounds awesome!

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