Liquid Joy


People sometimes look at me funny when they find out about my love of coffee.

But aren’t you some kind of health nut?

(Hippie-dippie, tree-hugging freak, that’s me!)

And coffee’s not exactly a “health food,” is it?

(I would argue that’s debatable. Check here, here and here.)

No cheese but coffee, yes?

(No baby nourishment by-product but roasted beans yes, yes indeed.)

In my ever-developing health perspective, I’m learning nearly everything has a place in my life.

(And in my stomach.)

A long day studying is just so much better in a cozy cafe with a latte within reach than in a dark, cold library basement.

But I’m picky these days and keep coffee in its place.

I refuse to return to my freshman year of college two venti sugary, soy pumpkin-spice lattes a day just to make it through after yet another worried, stressed and practically sleepless night.

I have it because I like it, not because I need it.

It is a savored, enjoyed, celebrated ritual not a need, not a drug.

Balance and moderation, I’ve come to realize, make me far happier than any extremes.

Instead of always and never, I’m learning to say sometimes, once in a while, on occasion.

Phrases with a little mystery, a little bit of possibility, a little spur of the moment spirit.

Applied to coffee, a bottle of Efes out in Istanbul or to taking up my CouchSurfer luvah boys on their offers, I like them.

I kid about the surfers.

So far.


2 Responses to “Liquid Joy”

  1. you better keep kidding, those guys sound sketch! but if you’re ever not, i better be the first to know the details lol

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