Happy New Year


I realize I’m several days late, but you’ll have to excuse me.

I’m in the midst of a oh-my-gosh-finals-and-I’m-going-home-and-this-can’t-be-ending whirlwind.

But I’m taking a breather for a few and thinking about the year ahead.

I’ve never been one to sit down and make a list of New Year’s Resolutions preferring to think of each day as an opportunity for change and a fresh start.

Still, there is something about the start of a new year, about having to remember to scribble down 2012 instead of 2011 in my notebooks that makes me want to get on board the resolution train.

So this year, I have one resolution.

To let go.

You see, I’ve always been a bit of a control-freak and though being abroad has definitely loosened up my stiff nature, I want to actively continue on this path.

Especially, of course, when it comes to food.

I will always, always have an obsession with it.

Even when I barely ate, even when I loathed food as my greatest enemy and only saw it as a creator of muffin tops and love handles, I used to satisfy my fascinated hunger with hours of The Food Network and paging through cooking magazines.

I love how food is art and love and nourishment and joy all rolled into one.

I love hearing stories of how people came up with a recipe, what they were doing and where they were the first time they had a bit of this or that.

I love reading about ways to be healthier and happier via what’s on my plate.

And that’s all good.

Food is no longer a dreaded enemy or oppressive force and my fascination has been channelled into this blog, into pinning far more things than I will ever have time to make, and into talking about it, blabbering on and on about how really, a spinach smoothie is delicious goshdarnit.

But sometimes I still find myself reading a book or blog or article about someone’s diet and lifestyle and find myself thinking I must adopt it 100%.

I’ve read about people who only juice before noon, who only eat fruits, who never touch gluten, who abstain from soy and salt and sugar and, in my opinion, all that is good and glorious in the vegan world.

All kind, compassionate, earth-friendly diets, but I’ve noticed, that if I try to follow everyone’s idea of perfect veganism, there will be little left for me aside from twigs and berries.

My goal this year is to let myself realize that I live in the real world and that’s ok.

That it’s possible to be healthy, happy, and completely spontaneous and adventurous and, most importantly, flexible.

That everyone has something that works for them, but that doesn’t necessarily universally apply.

That vegan sugar cookies have just as much a place in my stomach as a luscious green salad.

That sometimes, I will be within 15 minutes of a Whole Foods and sometimes I will have to make due for 4 months with MMM Migros.

I have my eye on so many varied, freeing, healthy, and glorious things to make when I get home.


Me too.


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