Food for Thought


While I may be home, my semester’s work is not quite finished. I have spent the past few days typing a paper slowly nearing the 5,000 word mark on attractiveness messages in media.

The research process has been fascinating, disturbing, and eye-opening.

I’ve been scanning pictures, articles, and studies trying to make sense of who decides what’s beautiful in this world and how the messages sent out to us and impact us thousands of times a day whether we are even aware of it or not.

Everything from Barbie to Marilyn Monroe to television to Photoshop is getting attention in these pages.

If only people could really see that what they’re looking at in the mirror is good enough.

That at 93 pounds or at 140 pounds.

With six-pack abs or a soft tummy

Size 32AA or 36DD

You’ll always be the same, wonderful person you’d be in any other shell.

Trust me, I know.


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