Got your attention there, didn’t I?

No, I’m not eating butter.

Yes, I hope Paula Deen stops promoting slathering everything in it.

And, yes, I did roast butternut squash tonight.

1 hour, 375 degrees.

Because I have (as usual) managed to schedule myself within an inch of my life this semester, preparation is going to be key to keeping me a happy vegan.

And with this in my stomach, I think I most certainly will be.


5 Responses to “Butter”

  1. 1 Sue

    i almost made the same thing tonight! except then i roasted broccoli instead 🙂

  2. 4 Amanda

    What kind of food prep do you do while you are in school?

    I am in school also and I am still trying to balance eating healthy and school. SO many horrible foods. I can’t even tempt myself! It been hard figuring out the best plan for bringing healthy meals!

    • Hi Amanda!

      The best tip I can give is plan plan plan! Making a grocery list every week and then taking time to prep once I come home from the store is a big help. I cut up and roast veggies, make a big batch of rice/quinoa/pasta, and do as much other before-hand prep during one afternoon as possible so that when I get home after classes and between club meetings and working during the rest of the week, all I usually have to do is heat things up. In a pinch, things like Odwalla smoothies and bars work great and are easy to keep on hand.

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