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Chocolate x2


There are few things more glorious, wonderful, and delicious than good chocolate. In its purest form, it’s packed with healthy goodness. In cookies, cakes, and brownies, it makes any moment indulgent and celebratory. There are also few opportunities I get to share its goodness just how I like it with others. Today, we had a […]

Such Is Life


Sorry for the lack of interesting eats, insightfulness, or generally being enjoyable to read lately. As always, life comes before writing about it. Tonight, however, I’m taking some time to connect with this little blog world. Because there is something beautiful about the fact that someone in the world cares about one silly little girl […]



So Hip


I’m officially going to see Portlandia this Thursday. So, if I suddenly start looking like this full time, you know why.

Protein: Quinoa


Quinoa’s one of those fancy sounding, trendy foods that has popped up in recent years. But really, it’s been cultivated for about 4, 000 years! And these little buggers are full of protein. Which I get asked about A LOT. 2 parts H2O. 1 part little seeds of goodness. 100% delicious.  

Really Dated


I’m going to need to make some cheesecake soon.