Double Apple


Last night, inspired by Clare, I decided to try apple cider vinegar drinks.

Following the bottle’s directions, I mixed my honee, vinegar, and water.

And drank up.




Three of my favorite things.

I’ve also been reading

that I first learned about from Molly.

During the past year, I have come to embrace the facts that I am not built like Keira Knightley, that, being a twenty-year-old lover of running, yoga, and anything active, I need to eat a bit more than the average person, and that, sometimes, I will need to eat a disgusting number of Mama Pea’s chocolate chip cookies and lay in bed surfing Pinterest instead of eating a massaged kale salad and reading A Tale of Two Cities.

Even though kale and Dickens are two of my favorite things.

But to say that those thoughts come freely and without guilt, over-analyzing, of thoughts of how to get around those truths into the comfort of my old ways would be untrue.

So far, the book is giving me lots of insight and reminders of what I know deep-down, but have stopped actively considering.

I like it.


2 Responses to “Double Apple”

  1. I love kale and Dickens too! But I also don’t mind too much time on the internet accompanied by too many cookies. 😉 It’s good to just be.

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