Such Is Life


Sorry for the lack of interesting eats, insightfulness, or generally being enjoyable to read lately.

As always, life comes before writing about it.

Tonight, however, I’m taking some time to connect with this little blog world.

Because there is something beautiful about the fact that someone in the world cares about one silly little girl and her quest to understand food, and, with that, life.

Being bombarded with school, clubs, just enough drama to keep things exciting, getting injured again, and my last summer as an undergrad looming in the distance has forced good habits out the window.

Not to mention trying to manage two blogs, a Tumblr. 2 Twitters, a Pinterest, 2 email accounts and a Pinterest.

The life of a wannabe writer/social media queen/hippie foodie.

Goodbye daily yoga motivation.

Hello peanut butter jar.

And spoon.

And stomachache.

I, like us all, am only human.

Such is life.

And, I’m slowly learning not to obsess, to overanalyze, to think to hard about it and just be.

Me and my peanut butter jar.


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